Immigration & Asylum

Kilic & Kilic Solicitors are specialised to assist with all types of immigration and asylum matters.


Kilic & Kilic Solicitors enjoy a prolific reputation as Immigration Law specialists with an excellent success record.

Whatever your legal matter, we are here to assist, advise and represent you and you can be rest assured that your case will be handled with the utmost integrity.

Kilic & Kilic Solicitors are specialised to assist with all types of immigration and asylum matters. The areas of work we undertake include:

  • Student, Visitor, Marriage, Family Reunion, Civil partnership and Fiancé applications (in country or applications from abroad).
  • Any applications under the new Appendix FM, i.e. exercising rights to access a child with British Citizenship, adult dependant relative etc.
  • Long Residence including 10 years lawful residence and 20 years unlawful residence
  • ECAA applications for Turkish (Ankara Agreement) & Bulgarian and Romanian Nationals
  • Fresh Asylum and Human Rights applications
  • Applications in relation to EEA Nationals and their family members, Registration Certificates and Residence Cards
  • Appeals to First- tier  and Upper Tribunals and Court of Appeal
  • Judicial Review applications to the High Court
  • Naturalisation & British Passport applications
  • Detention, Deportation and Removals
  • Bail and Temporary Admission
  • Sponsorship Licence Registration
  • UK Travel Documents
  • Legacy Cases
  • Domestic Violence applications
  • Points based system:
    – Tier 1 Investor
    – Tier 1 Entrepreneur
    – Tier 2 Sponsored Skilled Workers (work permit)
    – Tier 4 Students
    – Tier 5 Youth Mobility (formerly working holiday maker)

At Kilic & Kilic Solicitors we provide a fast, reliable and affordable service to our clients.

We will thoroughly analyse the facts of each case and present you with all options available to ensure that the best outcome is achieved. We will advise in advance of any supporting documents needed to be submitted and will ensure that applications are completed with immaculate care and precision.

We believe in providing honest advice to our clients about prospects of their case and under no circumstances we would exaggerate their chances of success. Attention will be drawn to the weaknesses and strengths of the case.

At Kilic & Kilic we aim to keep clients updated whilst maintaining a proactive dialogue with the UKBA.

We offer initial free consultation for 15 minutes to properly assess our client’s cases and advise accordingly. We provide competitive prices and our immigration lawyers will agree with you upfront the total fee required to handle your case during the consultation session.

Please contact us via email or by telephone 0208 888 8341 to discuss any of the above matters.